NEW AND ORIGINAL - BEATS Studio B0501 Wireless headphones White in Derby, Derbyshire for sale

NEW AND ORIGINAL - BEATS Studio B0501 Wireless

Brand new. I have 2 pairs. One box was opened to make photos and to check with Beats Updater that these are original and not fakes.
Check photos for more.
You can either get the one that was opened, or one that is sealed and untouched.
As you can see there is still security tag attached.
I have received these after sending the old ones back ( there was a lot of scratches etc. because of constant use).
Meanwhile I bought wired version from my friend for a few quid, so pointless to keep all.
I do not post and do not deliver, also price is not for negotiation.
If you think that this is too much please go to Greatbritainlisted and get clones instead.
Ad will be deleted when sold.
Text messages preferred (I will reply when possible).
At this price it is a steal for original Beats.
Just a small advice if you are going to buy from somebody else - always ask for possibility to check with Beats Updater to see if these will be recognised. Fakes will not be recognised !!!